Müşteri Temsilcisi (Venture Dış Ticaret)

İZÜ Kariyer Merkezi
Publish Date: 2/28/2023
Genel Nitelikler:
  • Good/advanced level of Portuguese and English language,

  •  Fluent and effective communication skills on the phone,

  •  Not having problems in reaching the office located in Maslak.

  •  Able to use computer and office programs,

  •  At least high school/preferably university graduate

  •  Developed analytical and problem-solving skills,

  •  Successful in human relations,

  •  Willing to work in a team,

  •  Proper tone and diction

  •  Strong persuasion level

  • ·Confident in communication skills,

  •  Able to work in a goal-oriented manner,

  • Strong in customer relations,

  •  Willing to learn and self-development,

  • Highly motivated and persuasive,

  • Be able to reflect the corporate culture,

  • Customer satisfaction oriented,

  • Smiling, confident, presentable